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Rev. Michael Lauze SRMT, CRC

Michael Lauze is a  Metaphysical Energy Healer, Certified Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual/Life Empowerment Coach and Ordained Non-Denominational Minister. He has been a student and seeker of transformational practice and the healing arts for over 15 years. Michael brings a refreshingly eclectic and dynamic approach to Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness.  

Michael previously served his community in various leadership roles within the mental health and addiction treatment industry. He remains an impassioned advocate and provider of alternative health services to compliment traditional therapeutic and allopathic medicine. 

In his personal life Michael has been deeply influenced and guided by near death experiences and the healing journey. Which he describes as a "Voyage from Darkness unto Light." His commitment to help others alleviate their suffering has been the driving force of his work. Believing that we we heal ourselves we heal the world. Seeing these effects' ripples peace, harmony and balance for not only the individual but their communities and our planet at large. Michael is currently enrolled as an Advanced Graduate Student with Shamanic Reiki Worldwide and is the owner and operator of Earth Rhythms Metaphysical LLC.

*We do not enact or convey indigenous derived practices, ceremonies or rituals for which Earth Rhythms Metaphysical LLC or approved representatives do not have explicit or understood permission to share.

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