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Michael Lauze Min. SRMT, EV2, CRC

Michael Lauze is an Ordained Ceremonialist, Metaphysical Energy Healer, Certified Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher, Addiction Treatment Professional and a Spiritual Life Empowerment Coach. With over 15 years of experience as both a student and guide of transformational practices and the healing arts, Michael brings a refreshingly eclectic and dynamic approach to Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness.

Having served his community in various leadership roles within the mental health and addiction treatment industry, Michael remains an impassioned advocate and provider of alternative health services to complement traditional therapeutic and western medicine models. Through his private practice, he creates and facilitates earth-honoring, nature-based healing workshops for both the public as well as addiction treatment and mental health facilities. 

In his personal life, Michael has been deeply influenced and guided by near-death experiences and transcendent moments with nature. This revolutionary healing journey he describes as, “divine reconnection and sacred rememberings.”

His commitment to helping others alleviate their suffering has been the driving force of his work. Believing that healing ourselves heals the world, Michael sees the ripple effects of peace, harmony, and balance for not only the individual but also their communities and the planet at large.

As an Adjunct Faculty member with Shamanic Reiki Worldwide, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his practice. He is a mentor for the Shamanic Reiki Worldwide Evolving Master Teacher year long program and a Co-Host for its Tele-Gatherings, sharing his expertise and passion for healing with others.

An impassioned traveler, Michael recounts his extensive time in the Highlands of Guatemala, immersed in Mayan culture as his favorite exploration to date.

Michael is the owner and operator of Earth Rhythms Metaphysical LLC. He continues to offer transformative healing experiences, empowering individuals on their spiritual journeys.

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